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Hands and Feet

It’s cold out! Make sure you’re keeping your toes and fingers warm (and cute)!

gloves from ModCloth

gloves from Anthropologie

gloves from ASOS

mittens from Sarah McNeil

mittens from pauliszka

mittens from pineapplemint

loafers from elehandmade

derbies from goodbye folk

loafers from kilims

socks from imunele

socks from JUMANT

socks from RGideas



Fall Clothes No. 3

Tops! Sweaters! Temperatures are swinging up and down and layering is key. It’s time to abandon all heather-grey as buildings start turning up the heat and move into some brighter colors.


Spot On Top


Think Sprig Top

Crustacean Tee



Striped Wool Jumper



Wonder Linen Tee




Flecked Sweater


Mrs. Dollaway Reversible Dotted Sweater


Quince I Can Remember Top


Jackie Pullover




Pour Favor Top





Fall Clothes No. 2

Today, skirts and pants. I’m really feeling paper-bag waist, pleated front, room-for-your-butt pants. Also, what’s with the high-low skirt trend? I feel like that kind of  hemline and the metal zipper-backed shirts and dresses will be the trend people will wear at 00’s or 10’s parties in the future, you know? Just give me a circle skirt or a pencil skirt and call it a day.


Enjoy these…


















Fall Clothes

I’ve been putting together a wish-list for fall and want to share some of it with you over the next few days. This cold weather means that it is time for boots and tall socks and no more tevas. Jeez. Here are some great shoes and socks for the cold weather…

Penny Cinch Boot


Silky Rib Sock




Penny Teaser


Basic Ankle Socks


Chelsea Ankle Boots


Huetopia Roll Top Sock


And, for those few more warm days, I want me a pair o’ Birkies!

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal




Eeep! It’s been so long since my last post. At the risk of this sounding like an 8th grade journal entry, so much has happened! Classes and activities and great friend chill-out times are back in full swing. My classes are great- poetic self-portraiture, reading poems in series, understanding the history of poetic forms and meter, ecology (well, that last one isn’t too great…). Charlottesville had its first Pride Festival where I saw some of the most amazing face makeup contouring I’ve ever seen. Josh turned 24! Farmer’s markets are kickin’ (delicious doughnuts), Top of the Hops is around the corner, and fall is slowly creeping into the weather and my wardrobe!


I’ve been craving some new underthings and found a few no-padding bras that look awesome!






Enjoy these! Enjoy the beginning of fall!

Golden Ponies

Golden Ponies is a line of handmade leather shoes (and a few purses) by designer Erandi Gutiérrez. It’s based in Guadalajara, Mexico and features designs inspired by dancewear shoes. All the shoes are simple, beautiful, and inexpensive.




It’s getting to be about time to purchase a new swim suit. Warm weather is upon us here in Charlottesville which means pools are going to open up (tempting us to hop their fences for midnight swims) and soon the soaring temperatures will force us to seek cool rivers. Here are a few of my top picks for summer: