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Happy Fourth!

Kelsey Oseid is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Minneapolis. She has a series of state bird illustrations that are perfect celebrations of the United States. Enjoy and hopefully you get to eat some watermelon and watch some fireworks today.




Kelly Lassarre

Kelly Lassarre is a hilarious etsy artist who comes up with some prints that I am in love with:







enjoy and make sure to check out her etsy page here.

Album Art

So, I’ve been spending time this week working on the cover art for my boyfriend’s new album, Self in the Window. I like collaging (and I don’t have a good camera) so it seemed like the best medium. I thought about all the Beatles’ collaged covers, and pulled together a couple artists who are responsible for some of my favorite newer collaged album covers:

Agnes Montgomery

Agnes is a self-taught artist who worked with Panda Bear on the cover for Person Pitch and companion collages released with some of his singles. Her pieces are made with tiny scissors and found paper. She doesn’t use photoshop at all, she just scans and blows up her final product. I like the fennec fox.

Toby Liebowitz

Toby does illustrations that look like collages and for the Fleet Foxes album, Helplessness Blues, artist Christopher Alderson painted another layer on her work. The geometric patterns, mountain landscapes, and evocative portraits all overlap to create a beautiful hodgepodge of images.

I knew I wanted to start with a base image that was done in pastels- the colors had to be bright, but still natural. It had to be a portrait, but it couldn’t be too clear or realistic. I started the collage (there’s still more for me to add) and scanned it. Did you know you can download a free month-long trial of Photoshop? Finding that was a real bonus. After I scanned my first version, I came up with the typography for the titles and superimposed them on the scan. I still have lots to do but here’s a sneak peek:

I’m nervous and excited to collaborate with Josh because we’ve never worked together before. Wish me luck! I’ll update when I finish/when he releases the album. You should check out some of his music here.