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Etsy Roundup No. 23

It’s been too long! Here are some things I’m pining for.

FIG and YARROW lip balm

This undies set from Gal Angel

Upper-finger ring from We Are Arrow

Silver Swan dress from SLC-S

Due Date print by Julie Lequin


Etsy Roundup No. 22

Just a couple fun things in hopes of a great week ahead…

Axolotl by Katie Chappell

Library Series by Bryce Wymer

Frida by Geninne

Ride by Jen Ray

Oblit by c and e


Bee Hive by Unitedthread


In the bedroom by Vivienne Strauss

Etsy Roundup No. 21

Here are a bunch of cute lil guys and one scary guy! Enjoy!


The Mandarin Bag by leninka


Pink Unicorn Ring from Modernaked


Tigers and accordionist circus giclee print from Naiomi Wilkinson


Nesting Hedgehog from dirtybirdiesvintage


Lucifurr Sweatshirt from BAF


Woodland Fox Mask by kissmego


Mr. Woof Notebook by Mossery Co.


60s Style Icons by Emma Block


Baby Cactus Bag by Boyfrengirlfren


Miniature Hedgehog by CrowWhitePottery


Obsidian Tomb Necklace by BloodMilk

Etsy Roundup No. 20

No real theme for these, maybe just that they’re fall colored? Anyway, I’ll do my best to post more of these Roundups! I’ve been so slow about them! Enjoy!

Arrows by Dark Cycle Clothing

Ladies Ladies Ladies Bag by monramos

Good Luck Card from DEADWEIGHT

Soy Candle by Sydney Hale Co.

Burly Stump Table by Real Wood Works!

Rusty Focks Scarf from celapiu

Scent Samples by I Smell Good

Strange Plant by Herman Marie

Bear by depeapa

Lemon Shorts by Sharon Boaz

Milk Can from Cute Old Things

Etsy Roundup No. 19

Get some of these in your kitchen! I’m loving the set of my Grandma’s tea towels from various British abbeys, churches and castles, and wishing I had more decorative towels. Hope you enjoy!

Dishes I’d Rather be Doing :: Dear Colleen

Thanks For All The Lovely Meals :: Able & Game


Proud To Lick Cake Bowls :: Sally Beerworth

An Ode to Sriracha :: Drunk Girl Designs


Man And Woman :: depeapa


Camping Equipment :: Oh, Little Rabbit


Triangle :: bookhouathome


Dots :: Leah Duncan


Morels :: Neil & Mary


Mushroom :: Skinny laMinx





Etsy Roundup No. 18

Back to school! It’s a time when loads of people are out shopping for new clothes and accessories to update their look for the new year. Those first days of classes are like the week after Christmas break- everyone has new stuff that they want to show off.

But, many college students (myself included) have started to pay rent and are quickly realizing their bank accounts have taken a dip during the summer. If you can’t afford a whole new wardrobe, but still want a new look, I think there’s one item that has the most impact: a backpack.

You wear it every day, and most people opt for the typical Jansport or North Face. Why not make a statement with your backpack this year?

This roll-top leather backpack can be worn multiple ways. Cool, huh? From Tielor McBride.

This BagyBag is such a striking color!

The City Backpack, from Mclovebuddy.

The Plunkton Pack by Shelter Protects You.

You wont be able to hide at the back of the lecture hall with this Harris Tweed bag by Mairead.

And, last but not least, the people book bag from boyfrengirlfren.

Hopefully I’ll spot some beautiful backpacks around UVA this fall!

Etsy Roundup No. 17

This week feels like fall. The heat has broken- yesterday I wore pants! Everyone wants to talk about fall classes and my newest obsession is choosing a new rug for my bedroom in my new apartment.

Things are bittersweet, though. Going back to Charlottesville, to swimming holes and cheap local produce, my favorite teachers and friends I’ve been missing, sounds great. But leaving my routine here and Josh will be hard. There’s still fun to be had and things to look forward to (Josh’s birthday! My sister’s birthday! HALLOWEEN!). Enjoy these flowers and fruits as a celebration of the warm seasons and preparation for the cold ones.


White Lace Flower Popup Card by Crankbunny


Pear print by The Joy of Color


Vintage Flowers by Miles of Light


Orange print by Nancy LeBerge Muren

Poppies by Becca Stadtlander