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We had a good run, little tomato plant. Alas, there was not enough sun on the fire escape or enough water slurped up by your roots. Poor guy. I had high hopes, even as your leaves yellowed and fell off I thought it might be normal. It wasn’t. You were doomed.


A few tiny tomatoes were still hanging off your stalk and I didn’t have the heart to dump you in the trash. It made me sad to think about you until…


My roommate snapped this pic:

Even though I can’t sample your delicious tomatoes, I’m glad somebody got to. It warms my heart to know that you supplied a snack and a cool napping spot for a city squirrel.


RIP tomato plant, but long live basil! Even though this pic is blurry you can still see the basil plant going strong.



On the theme of nakedness:

This Mara Hoffman bathing suit printed with a Spencer Tunick photograph. Mara Hoffman is a New York designer and Spencer Tunick is an artist best known for his large-scale nude shots.

Pair that with the movie Waking Ned Devine and its hilarious naked motorcycle scene:

Pair The Boob Top designed by Cassie McGettigan for Gravel and Gold Goods with the naked-on-the-roof scene from Death at a Funeral:



The Albums Are Done!

Check it out! I finished up those album covers for my boyfriend Josh and he’s about to release the albums June 14th.

The first one is Self in the Window:

And the second one is Rise:

Listen to “The Love (Passion Mix)” from Self in the Mirror and “Call You My Friend” from Rise on youtube!


Look for the albums on iTunes (and Amazon, iHeartRadio,, Spotify, and a million other places) on the 14th. Check Josh’s website, too.


You’ve heard about that psychology experiment with the kids and the marshmallows, right? Each kid was given a marshmallow and told that if they waited to eat it until the examiner came back, they would get a second marshmallow. Apparently about 30% of the kids in the experiment waited it out and got their second marshmallow. I believe I am one of the 70% who will eat their marshmallow right now thank you very much.

Last Saturday I bought some plants to start off my fire escape garden. I went to the farmer’s market, carefully avoiding the ten dollar dozen eggs and ten dollar half-pint of homemade ice cream (I’m not made of money!), and selected a basil plant and tomato plant. I repotted them in some plastic dollar-store containers with some great soil I bought at Rose Red & Lavender. They are looking happy and healthy and there is already a baby tomato growing! But, I want it to be a big, real tomato right now. I check it multiple times a day but it’s always about the same size. I just want to eat the most local caprese salad I’ll ever eat. I want to crawl out the bathroom window to the fire escape, pick a tomato, chop off some basil leaves, douse it all in balsamic and feel proud!

Apparently it takes a tomato plant at least 55 days to mature. 55 days! I don’t even know if I can keep it alive for 55 days. Wish me luck.

tomato plant and our neighbor’s pool (makin’ me jealous)

tiny baby tomato!

the basil plant and three of my toes


After my first week of interning in Brooklyn, I’m all pooped out. Maybe I’ll attempt a roof-top picnic this weekend. Is that a thing that’s allowed. There are some base New York things that I’m not sure about yet. Is the roof common ground or does it belong to the top apartment? Why does everyone say “excuse me” on their way off the subway as they aggressively shove me out of the way? Why is there so much dog poo on the sidewalks?

Well… maybe I’ll try a picnic. If it’ll ever quit raining.

Good Smells

It’s stinky summer time here. Humidity is 75%, it’s 80 degrees out, and if I want to wear my tevas every day (to establish the coveted teva tan) I need to make sure I’m not stinking it up all the time. Here are my go-to stink protectors:

First, deo. I wear roll-on Kiss My Face in Patchouli.

It’s biodegradable, aluminum free, and they don’t do animal testing! Plus it makes me smell like a clean hippy.

Slap a little bit of their stick deo on top halfway through the day and I’m good! The roll-on itself is fine for an indoor day or a day with minimal sweating, but if I’m speed-walking a mile and a half to class (which is inevitable), I’ll need a little extra somethin’.

Next, feet. These are typically the smelliest part of a human. I am no exception! I like to dust some Lush coconut powder in my shoes.

It’s probably the best smell in the world. It lasts all day and smells like the beach.

And speaking of smelling like the beach, I wear Olay SPF 15 lotion on my face and shoulders every day and it smells great, like a very light sunscreen:

Here is the soap I use, too. Honey I Washed the Kids is warm and smells like honey. Also, it’s environmentally friendly.

If you’re in the market for a new deodorant, soap, or lotion, definitely check these out. Hope you have delicious smelling days!