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Hands and Feet

It’s cold out! Make sure you’re keeping your toes and fingers warm (and cute)!

gloves from ModCloth

gloves from Anthropologie

gloves from ASOS

mittens from Sarah McNeil

mittens from pauliszka

mittens from pineapplemint

loafers from elehandmade

derbies from goodbye folk

loafers from kilims

socks from imunele

socks from JUMANT

socks from RGideas



How to Be a Mermaid

Miss Violet Lace Wig / Britt Patterson Earrings / Tunic by Cameo at Need Supply / Skirt from Nasty Gal / Toms Shoes / ToysRUs Pool

Golden Ponies

Golden Ponies is a line of handmade leather shoes (and a few purses) by designer Erandi Gutiérrez. It’s based in Guadalajara, Mexico and features designs inspired by dancewear shoes. All the shoes are simple, beautiful, and inexpensive.