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Etsy Roundup No. 22

Just a couple fun things in hopes of a great week ahead…

Axolotl by Katie Chappell

Library Series by Bryce Wymer

Frida by Geninne

Ride by Jen Ray

Oblit by c and e


Bee Hive by Unitedthread


In the bedroom by Vivienne Strauss


Etsy Roundup No. 20

No real theme for these, maybe just that they’re fall colored? Anyway, I’ll do my best to post more of these Roundups! I’ve been so slow about them! Enjoy!

Arrows by Dark Cycle Clothing

Ladies Ladies Ladies Bag by monramos

Good Luck Card from DEADWEIGHT

Soy Candle by Sydney Hale Co.

Burly Stump Table by Real Wood Works!

Rusty Focks Scarf from celapiu

Scent Samples by I Smell Good

Strange Plant by Herman Marie

Bear by depeapa

Lemon Shorts by Sharon Boaz

Milk Can from Cute Old Things

Etsy Roundup No. 12

Here are a couple of amazing printed textile designers from etsy:

Caitlin Hinshelwood

A printed textiles designer based in London, England who hand screen prints all of her stuff. It’s all awesome.

Nicola Rowlands

Based out of Manchester, England, Nicola Rowlands has the funniest designs on her pillows. I especially like the matching sets.

Leah Duncan

From Austin, Texas, Leah Duncan is an illustrator, textile, surface pattern, and home goods designer.