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Etsy Roundup No. 20

No real theme for these, maybe just that they’re fall colored? Anyway, I’ll do my best to post more of these Roundups! I’ve been so slow about them! Enjoy!

Arrows by Dark Cycle Clothing

Ladies Ladies Ladies Bag by monramos

Good Luck Card from DEADWEIGHT

Soy Candle by Sydney Hale Co.

Burly Stump Table by Real Wood Works!

Rusty Focks Scarf from celapiu

Scent Samples by I Smell Good

Strange Plant by Herman Marie

Bear by depeapa

Lemon Shorts by Sharon Boaz

Milk Can from Cute Old Things


Etsy Roundup No. 17

This week feels like fall. The heat has broken- yesterday I wore pants! Everyone wants to talk about fall classes and my newest obsession is choosing a new rug for my bedroom in my new apartment.

Things are bittersweet, though. Going back to Charlottesville, to swimming holes and cheap local produce, my favorite teachers and friends I’ve been missing, sounds great. But leaving my routine here and Josh will be hard. There’s still fun to be had and things to look forward to (Josh’s birthday! My sister’s birthday! HALLOWEEN!). Enjoy these flowers and fruits as a celebration of the warm seasons and preparation for the cold ones.


White Lace Flower Popup Card by Crankbunny


Pear print by The Joy of Color


Vintage Flowers by Miles of Light


Orange print by Nancy LeBerge Muren

Poppies by Becca Stadtlander