Fall Clothes

I’ve been putting together a wish-list for fall and want to share some of it with you over the next few days. This cold weather means that it is time for boots and tall socks and no more tevas. Jeez. Here are some great shoes and socks for the cold weather…

Penny Cinch Boot


Silky Rib Sock




Penny Teaser


Basic Ankle Socks


Chelsea Ankle Boots


Huetopia Roll Top Sock


And, for those few more warm days, I want me a pair o’ Birkies!

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal




Etsy Roundup No. 19

Get some of these in your kitchen! I’m loving the set of my Grandma’s tea towels from various British abbeys, churches and castles, and wishing I had more decorative towels. Hope you enjoy!

Dishes I’d Rather be Doing :: Dear Colleen

Thanks For All The Lovely Meals :: Able & Game


Proud To Lick Cake Bowls :: Sally Beerworth

An Ode to Sriracha :: Drunk Girl Designs


Man And Woman :: depeapa


Camping Equipment :: Oh, Little Rabbit


Triangle :: bookhouathome


Dots :: Leah Duncan


Morels :: Neil & Mary


Mushroom :: Skinny laMinx






Eeep! It’s been so long since my last post. At the risk of this sounding like an 8th grade journal entry, so much has happened! Classes and activities and great friend chill-out times are back in full swing. My classes are great- poetic self-portraiture, reading poems in series, understanding the history of poetic forms and meter, ecology (well, that last one isn’t too great…). Charlottesville had its first Pride Festival where I saw some of the most amazing face makeup contouring I’ve ever seen. Josh turned 24! Farmer’s markets are kickin’ (delicious doughnuts), Top of the Hops is around the corner, and fall is slowly creeping into the weather and my wardrobe!


I’ve been craving some new underthings and found a few no-padding bras that look awesome!






Enjoy these! Enjoy the beginning of fall!


Just a mash-up of fun wall ideas. Some are easy (that cross-stitch wall paint) and some are a bit more difficult (wall covered in birch slices), but each picture depicts a wall that makes a statement. I have huge, tall, stark white walls that are just aching to get transformed. Renting an apartment has it’s frustrations (not being able to paint or put up wallpaper) but some of these ideas (i.e. the mountain wall tiles) can be removed easily… perfection!


For every space there is a solution! Enjoy…





Decorating a new room can be exciting and daunting. On the one hand, it’s great to define your style and surround yourself with a cozy atmosphere. But, with all that fun you have to be willing to shell out the big bucks, have a vision of your final product, and do all the moving, heaving, and grunting. To keep myself psyched up, I’ve put together a few posts with fun furniture and home accessories!

Today, it’s rugs. These rugs would be the focal point of a room. I’m really feeling the pale neutral backgrounds with black designs or bright pops of color. Not exactly a trend, but more of a color palette I’m lovin’.

Here’s a great rug from Anthropologie. The little pops of blue and yellow would definitely inspire other color-accent pieces.

This is one of those Moroccan designs that is so big right now, but with a pretty reasonable price tag!

I love this Pottery Barn rug. It’s a fun pattern with cool color combinations!

This rug from Fine Little Day Shop has another great blue and yellow design. This would be such a fun piece to own!

How do you feel about rugs with such a ton of personality?

Etsy Roundup No. 18

Back to school! It’s a time when loads of people are out shopping for new clothes and accessories to update their look for the new year. Those first days of classes are like the week after Christmas break- everyone has new stuff that they want to show off.

But, many college students (myself included) have started to pay rent and are quickly realizing their bank accounts have taken a dip during the summer. If you can’t afford a whole new wardrobe, but still want a new look, I think there’s one item that has the most impact: a backpack.

You wear it every day, and most people opt for the typical Jansport or North Face. Why not make a statement with your backpack this year?

This roll-top leather backpack can be worn multiple ways. Cool, huh? From Tielor McBride.

This BagyBag is such a striking color!

The City Backpack, from Mclovebuddy.

The Plunkton Pack by Shelter Protects You.

You wont be able to hide at the back of the lecture hall with this Harris Tweed bag by Mairead.

And, last but not least, the people book bag from boyfrengirlfren.

Hopefully I’ll spot some beautiful backpacks around UVA this fall!