Etsy Roundup No. 16

I’m back from vacation! More or less, anyway. I have a weekend home and a beach weekend coming up before school starts.

Emerald Isle was the best. We were right on the water with a big gang of Josh’s family and we swam and played volleyball and horseshoes and ate so much good food I thought I might pop! Josh introduced me to mole crabs. We watched olympics and lightning storms and I read three books! Best of all, we got to see our pets from home. I miss my little buddy! At home I have a beagle, Sadie, and Josh has a dog, Backstrom, and cat, Milburn. So, this post is dedicated to the cute pups and kittymeows that tuck in with us and want us to give them treats.

Cat face lapel pin by Datter

Picasso cats scarf by Leah Goren

Baby kitten ring by Michelle Chang Jewelry

Dog print watch from Meggies Love

French Bulldog stamp from Posh Binky

Cat and Dog greeting card from Julia Pott

Here’s my little girl…



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