Etsy Roundup No. 15

I have oodles of great hand painted ceramics this week- so many fun prints and illustrations!

First up, Jeanette Zeis‘ delicately patterned bud vases

Black and white design with a few pops of colors by childlab

Tiny bottles and whimsical plate sets from Katie Spragg

Blues and reds with a vintage comic feel by Tuesday Bassen

Great animals with an autumn palette from Tracy Chaplin

This polar bear face plate by Lynae Zebest

Cute little hipster animals painted on vintage plates from The Storybook Rabbit

Black and white geometric prints from Catherine Keher at Per Dozen Design

These cute mugs from Alex Chilvers

Elsie Merris-Osborne’s Indiana Jones themed plates… with a twist

Sarah Constantino of sewZinski‘s illustrations are bright and wonderful

Hilarious beach characters on great plates from Sarah James of Brighton Crock

Gemma Gilleard of Gx2homegrow’s feather illustration plates


James Ward of JIMBOBART has such great characters with hilarious catchphrases

Claudette Tinsley of Ink Bandit has some great creatures and designs




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