Etsy Roundup No. 13

This weekend has been so wild! Del Close Marathon, an improv festival in NYC, took over my life. I got to see actors from 30 Rock (Grizz, Lutz, Scott Adsit!) and Parks and Rec (Amy Poehler! Ben Schwartz/Jean-Ralphioooo!). It was so awesome.

Up next is a trip to my grandparents in Denver, CO. Contrary to popular belief it’s going to be hot as hades in Denver. It’ll be in the 90s all week. My g-ma’s birthday is the 4th of July so I need to wash and bring all my red, white, and blue clothes and accessories. Stay on theme!

Here are some red, white and blue items for you to enjoy…

Kitty homes made by Jennifer Schmidt.

Tooth Vessel by Brooklyn Rehab

XL Tote bag from BF/GF (who I met at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair)

Set of red and blue notebooks by Buntmal

Chicken butt underwear by One Lane Road

Have a good 4th of July!


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