You’ve heard about that psychology experiment with the kids and the marshmallows, right? Each kid was given a marshmallow and told that if they waited to eat it until the examiner came back, they would get a second marshmallow. Apparently about 30% of the kids in the experiment waited it out and got their second marshmallow. I believe I am one of the 70% who will eat their marshmallow right now thank you very much.

Last Saturday I bought some plants to start off my fire escape garden. I went to the farmer’s market, carefully avoiding the ten dollar dozen eggs and ten dollar half-pint of homemade ice cream (I’m not made of money!), and selected a basil plant and tomato plant. I repotted them in some plastic dollar-store containers with some great soil I bought at Rose Red & Lavender. They are looking happy and healthy and there is already a baby tomato growing! But, I want it to be a big, real tomato right now. I check it multiple times a day but it’s always about the same size. I just want to eat the most local caprese salad I’ll ever eat. I want to crawl out the bathroom window to the fire escape, pick a tomato, chop off some basil leaves, douse it all in balsamic and feel proud!

Apparently it takes a tomato plant at least 55 days to mature. 55 days! I don’t even know if I can keep it alive for 55 days. Wish me luck.

tomato plant and our neighbor’s pool (makin’ me jealous)

tiny baby tomato!

the basil plant and three of my toes


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