Here’s a list of books I’m hoping to pick up in the near future:

Farm Anatomy: just got this for one of my roommates for her birthday. It is amazing and I want one for myself! Check out Julia Rothman’s book blog, Book by its Cover.

Canning For a New Generation: bought a whole bunch of ball jars to make cake-in-a-jar and now I’d like to fill them with chutneys and jams!

Salad Daze: I’ve been wanting a new veggie cookbook and this one is all about buying quality items. I spend most of my money on food (ice cream and cheese, really) so it just makes sense. It’s also published by Mark Batty Publishing which has a bunch of awesome books.

How to Sharpen Pencils: I watched a video of David Rees and he rules. Also, it says it’s for writers- me! This book is published by Melville House which has a bunch of cool books, really neat covers, and an awesome blog.


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