Stray dogs

An interesting fact about me: I save dogs. At home, we have a large community garden right next to our house. All throughout childhood we would find runaway dogs in the garden or our backyard. Once, we kept a drifter dog that we found on the beach and we named it buddy and fed it baloney. Once, my mom called me cause she’d found three whippets running in the street- when she opened her door all three jumped in. I ran down the street with some treats and leashes, hopped in the car, and calmed them down enough to find their tags. All in all I’d say I’ve saved about 20 dogs. 

And yesterday, on my way to my car, a dog ran up to me in our backyard. He was smelly but really sweet. I picked him up and carried him into the house. Me and two of my house-mates fashioned a leash out of a belt and we knocked on people’s doors asking if he belonged to them- no luck! The SPCA said we could keep him for the night and drop him off the next day; exactly the permission we needed to get emotionally attached. He was wearing a stinky bandana and was a big-time whiner. We gave him a bath (he did not like that) and named him scout, harold, samurai, poop poop, and atticus. He was our buddy, he slept in bed with one of my roommates, and another roommate got permission from his mom to adopt him if his owner never showed up. This morning we took him to the SPCA and they said we could come back in eleven days to adopt him. Well, about twenty minutes later she called us back to say his owner called and retrieved him and that he’d been out since the weekend. Poor little guy had been out for days! And his name was Drifter- pretty fitting.

We’ll miss you little buddy!



If you ever come across a runaway or stray, contact your local SPCA. They’ll tell you what to do and how to go about finding the real owner. Also, if you have a pet, make sure it has tags or at least a phone number written on its collar.


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