Etsy Roundup No. 7

I’ve never gotten my ears pierced. I’ve gotten close, though. Like, sitting in the chair at Claire’s, sharpie dots on my earlobes, earring gun to my ear, close. And not just once- at least four times. I went with my best friend, my mom, my grandma, and my cousin, and each time I left with my lobes intact. At this point, I’m glad not to be pierced, but I can’t say it wasn’t shameful to leave crying while my grandma got her cartilage pierced.

Not having my ears pierced does mean that over the years I’ve been given quite a few pairs of unnecessary earrings, some of them were awesome (a true bummer I couldn’t wear them) and others…not so much. Just because I don’t need them doesn’t mean I don’t think about what kind I would like. Here are a bunch of my etsy earring favorites. I probably will never buy them for myself… unless I wake up one morning with them magically pierced… but I bet they’ll be good presents!

Hope you holey people enjoy!


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