Etsy Roundup No. 2

It’s getting warm here in Charlottesville which means no more hiding under big sweaters! Winter is a yucky time- It’s cold and I’m consta-grumpy. Battling the cold is my mission for three to four months of the year, so when I finally escape into the freedom of spring, it rules.

Instead of waking up and piling on layers and layers of clothes, hats, scarves, vests, jackets, tube socks, etc., I get to throw on some SPF 30 powder (I swear by this), and and toss on whatever will make me least sweaty. I’m partial to what I like to call “satchel shorts,” which are high-waisted mom jeans purchased at a thrift store cut fairly short. The term comes from the shape it turns your butt– riding low, square. And warm weather is a time to pull out jewelry. No use wearing any in the winter when it will be covered by pounds of knits or hidden beneath gloves. It’s way more fun and special to wear it when it’s warm (and other people will be way more likely to give you compliments).

Here are some necklaces that I’m dying to show off…

From Son of a Sailor

This looks poisonous, right? Check out the other colors.

Drips Hammered Brass Necklace

From youngfrankk

From paganpoetryshop

From StudioFludd

If you like this design, take this quiz to see which stone will serve you best.


Look at how cool the packaging is for this guy.

From Jessica Dance

From pyramide

I can totally see how this necklace is like a Rothko painting.

From Marukiko

Get yourself (or someone else!) a little first day of spring present!


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