Doesn’t it feel great to open your mailbox and find a package from your grandma, or a postcard from a friend you haven’t heard from in a while, or a little love note from your sweetheart? Usually mine is full of Kroger coupons and swim suit catalogs from the previous tenants (weird). Sending letters is easy, and it gives you an excuse to buy that stationery set you’ve been coveting.

Don’t know where to start? First you need supplies:

1. Stamps

Aloha Stamps from USPS

2. Pencils

Psych-themed Pencils from One Up Designs

3. Stationery

Navajo Notecards from Hero Design Studio

Next, get inspired:

Maybe try something funny like Emily Dickinson, to her brother-

Dear Ned-

       You know I never liked you in those Yellow Jackets. 


(After she read he had been stung by a hornet)

Or a little love, like Walt Whitman to Peter Doyle-

My darling, if you are not well when I come back I will get a good room or two in some quiet place, and we will live together and devote ourselves altogether to the job of curing you, and making you stronger and healthier than ever. 

Or just describe what’s going on in your neck of the woods. One of my most treasured letters had this beautiful description of the northwest-

Fall is in full force. The trees’ leaves are the kinds of yellows, oranges, reds and purples that only surface during sun rises and sunsets. The deciduous trees stick out among the forevergreens and remind me of the greater cycle of everything and the indifferent rotation of the earth around the sun.

Really, anything goes. Just a simple thinking of you or a stick figure drawing will perk up someone’s day. An added bonus to sending letters is receiving letters in return! It’s a beautiful cycle. Get it started.


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